We need a new direction and bold vision for Ward 4.

 The pandemic has taken a toll on DC and our recovery has not been as dynamic, equitable and swift as promised. I can provide strong, responsive leadership and work together with all members of our community. Ward 4 deserves a Councilmember that will roll up their sleeves and work with neighbors to improve our safety and quality of life in Ward 4.



We all want a Ward 4 where we feel safe in our neighborhoods.

Recently, my wife and 6 year old had to run for cover due to a stray bullet during my daughter’s soccer game just a mile from our house. Small businesses are shuttering across the Ward. I see neighbors on the streets in the throws of addiction, graffiti tags on our buildings, blighted properties and in some cases abhorrent building conditions. With Ward 4 and DC confronting unprecedented challenges, I believe we can work together on the following key issues to put our community first: 

Strong interventions on crime in our community are needed so all of us feel safe including a fully funded MPD and stronger civilian oversight. At the same time, we need to address root causes and work toward long term solutions. As an Executive Committee member of 4D Citizens Advisory Commission, I have forged strong relationships with 4D Police officials and will work hard to make sure Ward 4 has the safety resources it needs. As ANC Commissioner, I worked with community partners on overdose prevention and education on Georgia Ave.

Working together with elected officials and community leaders is key to making sure Ward 4 residents are represented and get their needs met, including a full constituent services team from their Councilmember. I have demonstrated leadership in bringing resources and community members together in Ward 4 as a DC Democratic Ward 4 Committeeman, on the 4D CAC, and as former Ward 4 ANC.

l’ll identify needs of Ward 4’s small businesses and solicit additional support from public and private sector partners for the Georgia Ave and Ward 4 business Corridors. As ANC 4C Commissioner, I worked to bring Petworth Main Street to the Upshur St corridor. I will work with tenant associations, ANCs and community leaders to hold building owners and developers accountable. I worked with senior residents at Todd A. Lee on creating their tenant association. I also successfully campaigned to ensure the community had input into the proposed development of the Old Engine Firehouse on Georgia Ave.

l support teachers, principles and students to make sure they have what they need for great Ward 4 schools. I’m an active parent and former member of the PTA leadership at DC Bilingual where my daughter attends school. As ANC 4C Commissioner, I worked with Roosevelt students on a cleanup of triangle park and a Paul Robeson poetry slam at Uzikee Nelson’s sculpture of Paul Robeson “Here I Stand”, bringing attention to community art, and talented Ward 4 students.


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